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Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu.
I am because we are.

"One of you is a mech.
One of you is a pilot. 

Sometimes you’re not sure you know which is which anymore. 

Not that it will matter for much longer."

Ubuntu System Failure is a  short ritual for two people inspired by Meguey and Vincent Baker's Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands. In Ubuntu System Failure, one of you is a mech and one of you is the mech's pilot. It is very rules light and focuses heavily on relationships--both between the pilot and mech, but also between anyone and their community, their past, and the important people in their lives.

This is an ashcan version of this game.  I will likely continue to develop it over time, but (with the newly updated formatting and revised pick lists) it is in a state that I am quite happy with.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Feel free to grab a copy if you are a member of a marginalized community or if you just don't currently have the resources to spare. There is no test to see if you're marginalized enough. If you think a community copy is for you, it is. I know I often second guess myself when I consider claiming one of these, and I'm telling you right now, you can go ahead and claim it. It makes me happy to provide these and to know that someone wanted to check out my game.

If there are no community copies available, DM me on Twitter @HarkMorper and I'll get you one.

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